My Story

Chelsea Brown The Nutrition MamaHi!

I’m Chelsea and I’m a nutritionist + wife + mama + food blogger. Welcome to my little slice of home in the online world. I’m so glad you’re here.

I started The Nutrition Mama to create a community of women that are as passionate and motivated about creating healthy, happy lives for themselves and their families as I am. It’s all about showing my fellow mamas that making healthy choices for you and your family doesn’t have to be difficult, time consuming, expensive or confusing. It’s a place where I share my favourite family- friendly meals so that you won’t be stuck cooking multiple meals come dinner time. It’s a place for me to share my love for food, cooking and all things health and wellness.

I’ve always had a passion for nutrition. There’s just something about cooking wholesome, healthy meals for myself and my family that just lights me up inside. From the moment I began studying I became fascinated with how the food we consume inevitably becomes the building blocks for every cell in our bodies – we literally are what we eat. This fuelled me to commence postgraduate studies further into the world of nutrition and I haven’t looked back since. 

I believe…

In consuming food as close to it’s natural state as possible (nothing added, nothing taken away).

That there isn’t one ‘perfect’ diet out there. We are all individuals and we all need to tune in and listen to what our bodies need.

In spending time in the kitchen, really connecting with our food and enjoying the process.

In keeping food simple and choosing sustainable options where possible.

That nutrition and our relationship with food is all about balance (I’m a sucker for a good burger and fries and yes, I eat chocolate).

A little bit more about me…

I currently live with my little family on the beautiful mid north coast of New South Wales, Australia. We’ve only called here home for the past year, making the sea change from Brisbane when we found out we were expecting. So far it’s been bliss and we are nestling in to make this place our home.

In a previous life I worked as a visual merchandiser for a global fashion company. At heart I’m a creative soul (with a slight obsession for organising things so they’re aesthetically pleasing) but with an utter fascination of how the human body functions (cue my love of studying health and nutrition).

The one food I really despise is onion (and yes, I realise it’s in almost everything!).

I absolutely adore Byron Bay. It’s probably my favourite place in the whole world. My first 6 years out of home were spent on the northern coast of NSW and I have so many treasured memories and friends from that time in my life, not to mention it’s where I met my husband, where he proposed and where we married.

I have a slight obsession with growing succulents. It started innocently enough when I kept all the flowers from my wedding bouquet and grew them in pots. Now we’ll just say my front deck is slowly being invaded.

I hope…

That you enjoy this little place in the blogosphere.

You feel inspired to make nutritious, nourishing meals.

That you too start to spread the word on healthy eating

Chelsea xx

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My Qualifications

Bachelor of Naturopathy, Southern Cross University
Graduate Certificate of Human Nutrition, Deakin University