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Make your own Flavoured Almond Milk at home - Strawberry, Honey & Cinnamon, Chocolate.

Homemade Flavoured Almond Milk

  As a child I would spend most summer school holidays at a little caravan park by the beach. Each morning the milkman would drive around in his van, his horn made a little ‘moo’ sound to let you know that he was coming around. We would often jump out of bed and run out […] Read more…

Pear, Mango and Cashew Green Smoothie

Pear, Mango and Cashew Green Smoothie

  By now you’ve probably all heard of green smoothies and you will either be on board that green smoothie train or you’re sick of hearing about people putting things like spinach, kale and lettuce in their drinks.  Well I’m afraid I’m one of those annoying people that put green things in my drinks. I […] Read more…