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Chocolate & Oat Banana Bread

Chocolate & Oat Banana Bread

This Chocolate & Oat Banana Bread is one of our family’s favourite treats, it’s lucky if a loaf lasts a few days around here. It’s made on spelt flour and oats which gives it a wholegrain boost with extra fibre and sustained energy. Plus, it’s a great excuse to bake if you’ve got any bananas […] Read more…

Banana Cinnamon Spelt Muffins

Banana and Cinnamon Spelt Muffins

These Banana and Cinnamon Spelt Muffins are quick and easy with minimal ingredients and minimal fuss. It’s a great recipe to use when you’ve got a few spotty bananas hanging around that need using up. I usually have a stash of these in the freezer to have on hand when I need something to give […] Read more…

No-Drip Mango and Raspberry Icy Poles

No-Drip Mango and Raspberry Icy Poles

  I’d have to say that since I’ve started this blog there has only been a couple of recipes that I’ve been lucky to get pictures of before they’ve mysteriously disappeared. I had to restrain my husband from snapping these up even before they were finished freezing, and he doesn’t even like mango (he’s crazy, I […] Read more…

Sweet Potato & Cherry Brownies

Sweet Potato Brownies with Cherries

  These sweet potato brownies are so delicious that you may never make any other type of brownie ever again. Seriously. A freshly baked batch rarely makes it past the 48 hour mark in our household. Probably because we convince ourselves we are practically eating a slice of veggies so we tend to eat two serves […] Read more…

Zucchini and Pear Mini Muffins

Pear and Zucchini Mini Muffins

  Ok so I’m just going to put this out there… does anybody else have a baby/toddler that’s a bottomless pit? I swear I have no idea where my daughter puts all the food she eats every day, sometimes her serving sizes rival mine at mealtimes. These days I feel like I’m on constant rotation […] Read more…

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